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Tag Management is vital for efficient Online Marketing today. To optimize every placement in your campaigns, an enormous amount of tracking pixels have to be implemented in the advertiser’s website. This is a problem with regards to security, costs, the maintance schedule and the site speed.

Advertisers are able to solve this issue with our ad:C Tag Management System. In general, there are two options. On the one side, the ad:C media “all in one pixel”, which enables advertisers to eliminate all retargeting, YieldManagement and optimization pixels from publishers or ad-networks. On the other side,  clients use our Tag Container with some great features:

  • Easy administration of the tags per drag & drop
  • Integration of JavaScript-, HTML-/Img- and IFrame-Tags
  • Delayed delivery possible
  • 100% customizable: Individual rules with filter options to optimize efficiency
  • Detailed reports
  • User- and User-roles Management
  • Workflow-Management