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ad:C media provides reliable and sophisticated adserving based on leading OpenX platform enhanced with several features to offer you adserving tailored to your needs.

Our infrastructure is highly available (100% uptime since 2008), ads are delivered through a cluster of webservers that offer best performance and reliability. We do the hosting of our adservers inhouse. This enables us to have a controlling on the logfile level and to keep track of all mission critical parameters.

But ad:C media goes beyond simple adserving. We offer features to optimize your ads based on a variety of criterias in order to increase your Return On Investment. This is done in an automated process which will allow our adserver to deliver the best performing ads to your customers – calculated in real time.

Remarketing or Retargeting allows you to offer products to your customer he is really interested in. Use ad:C media Retargeting technology to increase your online sales and target existing same as potential customers.

The ad:C media adserver is certified and approved by the following companies:

Yahoo, DoubleClick ADX / Google CDN, Facebook