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ad:C media Retargeting solutions offer you a great way to target visitors of your online shop that did not buy anything yet and bring them back to the store. We help you to increase your sales and turn potential customers into real customers.

„How we do that?“

Imagine a person visiting your online shop – he or she looks arround some products and maybe also puts some items into the shopping cart. But just like 95% of your visitors this person will leave the shop without buying anything. There are many reasons why people decide to not place their order right now, during the first couple of hours after leaving the shop we see the highest propability for the user to return and finally place his order.

With Retargeting we are able to display advertising banners to your shop users that show products they have been looking at or placed into their shopping cart. The user remembers your shop and is likely to click on a banner and return to your shop. The user is now back in your shop and can finish his order.

If you only offer a small range of products or even a single product we recommend Remarketing!