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Display-Marketing is the initial touchpoint for you potential customers. Your Display-Marketing-Activites are the beginning of the Customer Journey and increase the hits on your website, brand awareness and queries in search engines.

Display-Advertising is a suitable and scalable way to increase sales and brand awareness and should be part of every strategy in online marketing. ad:C media has connections to relevant exchanges, websites, agencies, direct placements and can also buy inventory through Real-Time-Bidding.

Reach – Image the amount of people you can reach by starting an advertising campaign with us.

Big international add networks like Appnexus, Doubleclick ADX, Right Media and many more are connected to our system. We reach over 80% of the online market.

No matter if you are looking for a permanent partnership or a project based campaign, we offer billing based on  CPM, CPC or CPO. Get in touch, we are happy to help you!
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